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4 Signs That You Need To Get Your Hormones Tested

If your hormones are having a hard time regulating, it can be very difficult. Since the thyroid is responsible for regulating the hormones, it is important to look for problems in the thyroid to let you know if you need hormone injections. Luckily, there are signs you should be looking for that will let you know that you have a hormone imbalance. Here are some things to keep in mind about your thyroid and hormones. 1. Your Appetite Has Changed Your appetite is one of the main things controlled by your thyroid. Since the thyroid is connected to your eating habits, it would make sense that this would be one of the first things you would notice. For instance, you might find yourself hungry all the time with an insatiable appetite. Or conversely, nothing is sounding good. If this is how it is for you, you might need to get your thyroid tested. 2. You Have Unexplained Weight Gain or Weight Loss For some, their appetite doesn’t seemed to be changed, but their weight does. You might be eating the same amount of food as you have before but now your body isn’t responding properly. For example, you might be losing weight without making any changes to your exercise or your diet. You could be losing so much weight that you are dangerously thin. Or just as common, you could be gaining weight and not having any clue why your body is suddenly retaining every calorie you consume. These are all signs of a thyroid problem. 3. Uncontrollable Emotions Depression and anxiety are very common. Many people suffer from these conditions and believe that they are clinical depression and anxiety issues. However, your thyroid can also affect your emotions. You might feel depressed or anxious, but in addition you could cry often for no real reason, feel irritable, unusually happy all the time, very moody and any other major change to your emotions. Since the thyroid affects your hormones, it will also affect your emotions and could make it very hard to feel normal. 4. Sleep Has Become Disrupted Lastly, pay close attention to your sleep habits. If you notice a change, whether you sleep more or you sleep less, you could have a problem with your thyroid. You might feel jittery around bedtime and unable to calm down, or you could feel lethargic during the day. If you find […]

3 Awesome Recipes To Create Using Your Organic Whey Protein Powder

When it comes to picking out your protein powder, organic whey protein powder is an excellent way to go. Not only does this powder effectively give you a good amount of protein per serving, but it is also free of any and all harmful ingredients. Since mixing your protein with just water or milk each time can definitely get boring, it is always fun to try new recipes that incorporate your protein powder. This article will discuss 3 awesome recipes to create using your organic whey protein powder.  Smoothie A quick and effective way to intake your protein powder is to make a smoothie. You will want to pour a scoop or two, depending on the serving size of your protein powder, into a blender. You will also want to add some type of milk as well as a small amount of ice as your base ingredients. You can then get creative by adding a variety of fruits, vegetables, nut butters, nuts, yogurts, chia seeds, etc. You will then blend all of this up in the blender, and it will create a delicious smoothie that gives you a great deal of protein.  Protein Pancakes If you are in the market for a good breakfast that incorporates a large amount of protein, then protein pancakes are an excellent food for you to make. There are several recipes out there for protein pancakes that incorporate a variety of different ingredients, with the main ingredient in all of them being protein powder. A very basic protein pancake generally includes a scoop of protein, an egg, a 1/2 cup of oats, and a banana. This gives you a pancake with great consistency, delicious flavor, and a good amount of protein. Other recipes include ingredients like cottage cheese, cinnamon, berries, coconut oil, almond milk, etc. The key is to find a recipe that you enjoy using with your organic whey protein.  Protein Cookies If you want a healthy snack that also gives you a great deal of protein, then a protein cookie is an excellent treat for you. To make a protein cookie you will need to mix protein powder, honey, apple sauce, peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, baking soda, whole wheat flour, oats, raisins, and nuts. The measurements of each of this ingredients are going to vary depending on how many cookies you would like to make, as well as preference. These cookies are […]

Fingers On The Mend – What To Expect From Occupational Therapy

Sometimes it takes having a finger or two injured before you realize how much you need that appendage! If you experience a fracture, injury or have surgery on one or more fingers, it won’t take long before you figure out how much you miss being able to use them. Sometimes the best way to get your fingers back to properly functioning is by attending occupational therapy. If your doctor prescribes occupational therapy and you’ve never been before, it might raise some fears. While you can anticipate putting in hard work, you need not be fearful. While all therapists do things a little differently, you can expect to come across some of the following. Regaining Range of Motion Your fingers will probably be immobilized by a splint or bandages at the beginning of the healing process. This means the range of motion will be limited until your doctor gives the thumbs up for you to begin moving them again. While restricted, muscles and joints begin to tighten up and stiffen. It’s important that you start to move and stretch your fingers as soon as you are allowed. This helps ensure that you will regain best possible usage. Your therapist will teach you some stretching exercises during your session. These may include Making a fist then opening and spreading your fingers to stretch them wide. Bending your finger in towards your hand and holding it there with your other hand. Flexing your fingers back and applying light pressure with your other hand. Another variation is to use a table or desk to press your fingers down into while flexing your hand back. Placing your hand down on a table then gently straightening your fingers, so they are flat against the surface. Placing your hand flat on a table and lifting one finger up, then lowering it before moving to the next one. You will likely be told to do these exercises at home. The therapist will give clear instructions on how many repetitions per exercise and how many times a day you should perform them. Do yourself a favor and follow through with your homework! Strength and Dexterity Training Muscles that haven’t been used will be weak and need some training. Occupational therapy will provide you with the means to get your strength and dexterity back to where daily tasks are routine. Strength training will likely include aides such as modeling clay […]

L-Arginine Supplements Are For More Than Just Bodybuilding: How Diabetics Can Improve Their Health

L-arginine is an essential amino acid that can only be made in the body by consuming proper foods for its production. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, which in turn are used for muscle synthesis. That is why these supplements are so popular with body builders. However, there is more to l-arginine than just helping you buff up; they can help those with physical ailments. Diabetics may want to consider ordering l arginine supplements online because of their beneficial nature. How Do They Help Diabetes? Tests done on mice have shown that l-arginine helps to increase glucose metabolism, helping to remove it from the blood stream. It also helps to regulate your appetite so you do not gain weight, or it can help you to lose weight since obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes type 2. Diabetics also have a low natural supply of l-arginine, so while the amino acid is not a cure for the disease, it can help you keep your blood sugar under control. Lastly, since diabetics also often suffer from ailments like poor circulation and high blood pressure, take a look at how L-Arginine can help with those issues as well. Poor Circulation L-Arginine is the precursor for nitric oxide (NO) in the body. NO is one of the things responsible for the dilation of blood vessels. When you have more NO is your system, the blood vessels remain open, allowing for better blood flow. This helps with peripheral neuropathy, a condition in which the lack of blood flow to the extremities results in a tingling and eventual loss of feeling. This can also lead to the death of tissue due to a lack of oxygen to it. In addition to helping diabetes, increasing circulation can help with other issues, like erectile dysfunction and muscle cramping. High Blood Pressure NO also keeps the smooth layer of cells inside of blood vessels strong. Strong blood vessels mean the blood flowing through them is not exerting too much pressure or stress on them. This keeps your blood pressure lower and reduces the risk of having an aneurysm or a bulging of the vessel that could result in a rupture. Eating foods high in arginine, such as animal proteins, nuts, and dairy products is one way to keep a good supply of arginine in your system. However, if you suffer with a disease or condition like […]

Places to Use Meditation to Help You in Your Daily Life

If you’re looking for a way to learn how to reduce your stress, taking a meditation course can often be the answer. The advantage to learning how to meditate is that you can take this skill beyond the walls of the meditation studio and implement it in your daily life. While many people find it helpful to incorporate daily meditation first thing in the morning or right before bed for optimal relaxation, the reality is that you can perform some degree of meditation to help you relax and reduce your stress in a variety of different settings. Here are some that are useful to remember. At the Doctor’s Office It can be stressful to wait at the doctor’s office for your appointment, especially if you’re concerned about the reason for the appointment. As a result, it’s easy to allow your stress to escalate as you sit in the waiting room. However, you can greatly change how you feel about the situation by implementing the meditation practices that you learned in your course. Something as simple as a relaxing body scan or a focus on your breathing can promote relaxation that triumphs over the stress you’ve been experiencing. At Work One of the joys of meditation is that you don’t have to devote long to the practice. If you have just a couple minutes and want to reduce some stress, you can perform a short meditation, whether it’s focused breathing or the quiet repetition of a mantra to yourself. When your workday is particularly stressful — perhaps you have a big deadline coming up or you’re due for a performance review — you can take just a few minutes of quiet time in your office to reduce your anxiety through meditation. On the Bus Public transportation can often be less than enjoyable, thanks to loud noises and heavy crowds. Whether you take the bus, train or subway to commute, use this time as an opportunity to meditate. No one will look at you funny for sitting with your eyes closed, although you can wear sunglasses if you’re feeling self-conscious. Given that public transportation can make meditation a challenge, it’s useful to use your MP3 player and ear buds to listen to either a guided meditation or simply enjoy some peaceful sounds of nature that will allow you to relax and remember your meditation training, despite the busy nature of your surroundings.

Five Lesser-Known Immunity-Boosting Fruits And Veggies

Do you tend to get sick often? Working on your diet may be the best way to change that trend. When you think of fruits and veggies that are good for boosting immunity, what comes to mind? Most people will think of citrus fruits that help fight colds. Yet, these are far from the only foods that contain immune-boosting nutrients. Here’s a look at five other fruits and veggies that are excellent immunity boosters. Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, a nutrient that enables several important immune system functions. These bright orange tubers are delicious when roasted in the oven and topped with a little honey. You can also peel them, boil them, and them mash them just as you would with regular white potatoes. Carrots Carrots are another vitamin A-rich veggie. While they’re certainly delicious to munch on raw with some dip, you can also roast them with some olive oil and fresh herbs to change things up a little; some of the best immune system boosters are actually herbs. Add grated carrots to coleslaw and sliced carrots to stews and soups for a big immunity boost. Kiwi Vitamin E plays several roles in maintaining a healthy immune system. It is essential for the development of a type of immune cell called T-cells. It also helps maintain a healthy immune system as you age. Luckily, kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin E. If these little fruits are too tart for your taste, consider dipping them in a little sweetened yogurt. They’re also delicious when added to smoothies. Spinach An excellent source of both vitamin A and vitamin E, spinach is an all-around immunity powerhouse. In addition to adding spinach to salad, you can also try adding a handful to your smoothies since its mild flavor is barely detectable. If you like cooked spinach, try adding it to mashed potatoes and soups. Onions These potent veggies contain a type of fiber that feeds your gut bacteria, which are an important component of your immunity. They’re also high in vitamin C! Red onions have a sweeter flavor, so you can add them raw to salads and sandwiches without overpowering your palate. Yellow and white onions have a stronger flavor and are best cooked. You can literally add onions to most any dish, from a roasted veggie mix to roasted meats. The key to a healthy body is getting a […]

3 Ways That Acupuncture Can Improve Your Health

Do you feel as though your body is not as healthy as it should be because you are always feeling out of energy? If you have undergone a physical examination but nothing was found to be wrong, you might be able to improve how you feel by undergoing a procedure called acupuncture. You will find acupuncture helpful because it is able to balance out the energy in your body through the insertion of thin needles. Take a look at the article below to learn how acupuncture can be beneficial to your health in various ways. 1. Stop Feeling Moody When you don’t have a lot of energy, it can put you in a bad mood. Sometimes improving moodiness is a good way to feel healthier. Acupuncture is a good way to improve your mood without taking drugs, such as the ones that are typically prescribed for depression. What acupuncture does is help to rebalance your hormones so they can make you feel moody. You will experience better moods because the energy in your body will flow better. 2. Sleep Better At Night If you are not getting a lot of sleep at night, it is likely contributing to how your overall health feels. Even if you were to change your daily routine and make more time for sleeping at night, it might not be effective if your problem is severe. Acupuncture is a good method for changing your sleep patterns because it can rebalance your circadian rhythms.  Basically, the insertion of the thin needles will stimulate points in your body that can help you naturally fall asleep at certain times. The acupuncture technique can also target specific things in your life that are responsible for your sleeping disorder, such as restless leg syndrome or night sweats. 3. Feel Better About Yourself One of the benefits of acupuncture is that it can improve your psychological health. If you get to the point in which you feel better about your overall being, it can have a positive impact on your health. Acupuncture is able to improve some of the symptoms that you might experience from being in a bad mental state that is making you feel down all of the time. For instance, it can improve high blood pressure and anxiety by balancing out your nervous system. Make an appointment with a specialist so you can start undergoing acupuncture to improve your […]